14 July 2011
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About Us

  • Imagine a world of entertainment where courage meets security...
  • Where you embrace the sky,
  • Where you approach the clouds,
  • Where you live your childhood dream,
  • A magical and fantastic world where you set out for the sun.

Aktur Park first laid its foundations in the entertainment sector in 1986, attending fairs and festivals as a traveling in Manisa / Turgutlu in the Aegean Region.

It transformed into a fixed amusement park in Akhisar and later established amusement parks in the Aydın and Balıkesir provinces.

Aktur Amusement Park went into operation in Antalya in 1991 behind the Şarampol Hall and since 1997 has been operating across from a 5M Migros with more than 40 entertainment units and a 300-person tea garden.

It quickly increased the number of branches to 11 by growing at many locations around TURKEY, including ANTALYA, ISTANBUL, KONYA, and BALIKESIR in the coming years with an awareness of the importance of entertainment parks in city branding. AKTUR PARK Businesses have made significant contributions to the TURKISH economy and tourism from its foundation until today with more than 30 years of experience, over 400 personnel, and 11 branches in 5 provinces. For 33 years, it has continued to quickly grow and safely entertain with more than 65,000 visitors a week at its entertainment parks spread over 90,000 m2.

Our business doesn’t only entertain but also contributes to social events.

Each year since 1997, it has organized the April 23 Festivities together with all municipalities in ANTALYA and entertains about 30,000 children each year, free of charge.

It contributed to the Ramadan Festivities organized at the Dokuma and Karaalioğlan Park, and our partnered work with the Provincial Security Directorate in 2006 offered 3,000 of our children the opportunity to have fun in the frame of the "Uncle Police, Sister Police" campaign.

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